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Darpoh One Network Inc.

Having been in business for ten years, we align and define our success by our Clientele successes. We partner with each of our clients to provide innovative solutions to manage the technology risks and challenges; determine and remove obstacles, ensuring a successful technology advantage for your company.

Darpoh One Network Inc. offers a comprehensive managed services program for complete Information Technology support. Our set of services cover your IT environment in three approaches:

Preventive Services: Regular scheduled hardware and software maintenance combined with system and network management services.

Pre-emptive Services:  By remotely monitoring the critical health status of devices and applications on your network, we are able to identify potential problems and dispatch a technician or initiate maintenance before a business disruption affects your IT environment.

Remedial Maintenance and Support: When problems do occur, our staff of industry-trained and certified technicians will work remotely or be dispatched to your site to effect the necessary solutions.

Terms of Service

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Key Components for Success:

technology Technology to provide services:

Darpoh One Network Inc. believes that having the right technology tools to deliver managed services is critical. We have invested in the following resources:

Network and systems management tools to monitor hardware utilization levels and identify potential issues before they become real problems. Performance management tools to effectively measure network, system and software performance to determine whether it is appropriate to reconfigure the environment to meet the customerís business needs. Software distribution tools to automatically update operating systems and applications to ensure proper patch management for security and compliance purposes. Remote diagnostic tools to more quickly perform system and software analyses, and initiate self-healing techniques to minimize downtime. Security and malware protection tools Backup/restore tools


experience The Right People for the Right Service Delivery

Few Clients can afford to build a staff of desktop, network, server, storage, security and messaging experts. It also takes more than just a set of specialists to properly manage an IT environment. It requires an experienced and coordinated staff to monitor and analyze network, system and application traffic patterns on a continuous basis to ensure optimum performance and prevent potential problems. Darpoh One Network Inc. has that staff of professionals. Our team has been with Darpoh One Network inc. for an average of more than 8 years and all are certified in the technology areas and with the appropriate manufacturers to provide a high level of skill.



The Right Processes

In addition to having the right management systems and staff, it is essential to implement the management processes to perform a series of tasks on a continuous basis to reduce the risk of unanticipated downtime and improve the performance of IT operations. The procedural disciplines include scheduled software updates, hardware reconfigurations, security testing, system and storage backup, and network performance monitoring. MSPs utilize management systems and employ skilled personnel that can perform these tasks in an automated and ongoing basis. Their experienced staff and sophisticated service delivery systems leverage a structured set of technology deployment and ongoing management procedures that ensure the smooth implementation and optimized performance of an IT environment.